Import / Export, Global Logistics

From your dock to your customer's door, WSI and our international partners can handle any and every part of your international distribution strategy.* Together, we handle inbound and outbound shipments through over 55 countries worldwide. 

  • Worldwide agent network (Registered Int'l Freight Forwarder*, licensed U.S. Customhouse Broker)
  • Air, ocean, road & rail freight services
  • Freight clearance through every U.S. port of entry
  • Industry-specific expertise in watercraft, industrial, chemicals, electronics, food, forest products, beverages and more
  • Online tracking / tracing

We help customers successfully navigate the complex requirements of global commerce by staying on top of current regulations, minimizing paperwork, anticipating and preventing delays, expediting transit and lowering shipping costs. 

Our complete menu of freight services offers you the flexibility to contract the precise capabilities you need, anywhere in the world. We can handle everything for you, or just facilitate specific steps of the distribution process. Success Stories


*Freight forwarding and customhouse brokerage services offered through a licensed partner.